Tim's Transport for Special Nights Out

Treat Yourself & The Family

You work all day, you care for your family and you never seem to get any special time to enjoy life. Even a simple trip to the local cinema can seem like a chore by the time you’ve arranged transport and got everyone to meet you there.

We understand that all too well. That’s why we suggest you give our office team a call and chat over your transport needs. We will make sure that the best suited vehicle from our fleet is at your door in time to get you and your family to that special event. Whether it’s a night out at the cinema or a trip to the theatre.

It’s What We Do Best

We’ve got a range of minibuses equipped with the best safety equipment for transporting most types of wheelchairs safely and comfortably. Hydraulic tail-lifts, harnessing and many other safety features that ensure your journey is as swift and safe as possible. Why? Because it’s what we do best.

From your front door to stage door, we’ll take care of you all the way. No hassles such as parking, traffic jams, getting everyone there together, luggage and so on. Just let Tim’s Transport arrange the most suitable vehicle from the fleet and leave the getting there to us. And we’ll be there to get you back home too!

Ring our team on 01452 739097, discuss what you’re planning and let them tailor the best deal for you. Enjoy your night out with those special ones.

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"Lyn and Alan are a very good team. They always greet Dale enthusiastically and work hard to build a rapport with Dale and other passengers. They take on board any suggestions regarding communication with Dale. I fell confident when they are in their care. If I make any changes with Lyn, or pass on information I know it will be dealt with."
Mr Brown

Tim's Transport Mercedes fleet

Tim says:

"Your people will be together and ready to get on with their work. No parking problems, no additional traveling expenses, no lost luggage issues, stress free from not having to drive and ready to go."